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Lake & Oak Tea Co.

Glass Tea Infusion Beaker

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Our new favourite way to enjoy Lake & Oak loose leaf blends.

Just spoon your loose tea into the beaker, let it steep and pour directly into your favourite mug. No straining or fiddling with tea strainers required.

Pour. Steep. Sip & Repeat.

Fits 1 very generous serving of tea. 400 ml Glass

The infusion beaker is a perfect accessory for fans of tea in free infusion, which lends itself particularly well to large-leaf and herbal teas.

When serving, the metal filter retains the leaves allowing only the liquid into your cup. Underneath the pouring spout, a discrete measurement scale ensures precision in your quantities. The unbreakable lid is attached to the filter.

Consisting of two easily cleaned parts, this instrument is practical both at home and at work.

Diameter: 8 cm Height: 12 cm


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